Christopher Hines2010

USA68 min

Category : Feature

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Southwest Film Center (SUB)
Sat, Oct 9th 4:00pm

Do looks matter? When it comes to the male physique in the gay community, the answer is of course a resounding YES. In this fascinating documentary, filmmaker Christopher Hines turns his camera on guys of all shapes and sizes to explore how body image affects status among gay men.

Through intimate interviews with men across the United States, Hines uncovers the very common, often unsettling reality of how many gay men struggle to achieve a particular image in order to be accepted. As he talks with experts, we hear how body discrimination can lead to feelings of inadequacy, as well as issues around drug abuse and eating disorders.  Hines explores how these issues trickle into other areas of our modern world by looking at everything from the gay porn industry to naked yoga classes. THE ADONIS FACTOR balances diverse viewpoints to paint a picture of a complex world where beauty is too often considered skin deep.          —Brendan Peterson    


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