Billy Clift2009

USA95 min

Category : Feature

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The Guild Cinema
Fri, Oct 8th Midnight

BABY JANE? is what the 1962 Bette Davis and Joan Crawford classic What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? would have been if Bette and Joan had been the drag queens we all know they were meant to be. 

An uproarious, outrageous and flamboyant re-telling of the classic tale puts us back into the world of the wheelchair-bound Baby Jane drinking her life away while re-living her vaudeville days.  All the while, Blanche, her ever-optimistic sister, puts up with her demented and demanding sister with frothy upbeat spirit.  But, as you know, we’re headed for trouble in paradise.  Just try to keep track of the references to other classic Hollywood films. 

A black and white homage to a time in film that can only be done justice to by great drag performances, with special appearances by drag great Ethel Merman, and audience favorite Heklina.                  – Jack Trujillo