Doug Langway2010

USA104 min

Category : Feature

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The Guild Cinema
Sat, Oct 9th 7:15pm

It’s summer in New York City, and the neighborhood bears are coming out of hibernation. A group of friends are getting ready for the annual week-long celebration of all things bear, but plans keep getting turned upside down. BEARCITY is Queer As Folk meets Sex in the City — only with more hair!

Closet cub Tyler fantasizes about finding a Daddy bear to do more than cuddle. But as he dives into the bear community, he finds that it can be hard for a hairless guy to get some fuzzy loving. Brent and Fred are the maybe-not-so-monogamous couple who invite him to move in as they figure out how to spice things up, while  Southern bear-belle Michael struggles to juggle his lover, his job search and his body image issues. Rakish Roger is the stud-about-town, and he’ll pretty much bang anyone with facial hair. That is, until an awesomely awkward encounter at the local bowling alley challenges both his bowling prowess and his bear-loving mojo.  Add to that some adorable eye-candy, an indispensable fairy-god-roommate, beer busts and “stroller meat,” and BEARCITY makes for a quirky, beartastic romp!